Ivan Basso’s lawyer recently released a strong statement regarding Basso and the media’s comments on his involvement in Operation Puerto. In it he states Basso’s intention to fight for his reputation legally.

“The recently repeated judgements and comments in the Italian and international media regarding Operación Puerto, especially regarding Ivan Basso, require a strong and definitive reaction. The reality is that these opinions and statements are in direct contrast to the results of all the judicial and sporting justice cases that have happened.

“The result of these cases is that Ivan Basso has been cleared of any supposed violation of rules, regulations or law and that Basso currently has no pending cases criminal or civil cases against him regarding doping. And that any declaration for the necessity of blood tests for DNA or other values we consider to be an illegal and inadmissible intrusion to his private life. Thus, any declaration that Ivan Basso that says that there are limits or conditions to prevent Basso for racing for a “ProTour” team or participate in “ProTour” competitions are discriminatory and against the current rules,” Martelli stated.

In doing so, Martelli seems to be implying that Basso and the Discovery Channel team would fight against any demands by the UCI or AIGCP that Basso should submit DNA to ride in the ProTour. In making this statement, Basso joins a number of other Professional riders that have been highly critical of the proposed DNA tests such as Alejandro Valverde and Paolo Bettini.

The UCI is moving ahead with plans on a DNA-testing policy this friday; it remains to be seen what the results of these deliberations will be, with the Cycling world seeming to be increasingly divided on the matter.