Ivan Basso hopes that he will have the opportunity to return to Team CSC in the future.

“Bjarne and I parted as friends,” the former Team CSC star states in a recent interview with Danish daily Politiken. “And I hope that I will be able to return. We concluded that it would be best to part for the moment, but there is nothing that rules out that we may pick up our cooperation at a latter date.”

Ivan Basso also expresses understanding for the conduct of Bjarne Riis over the past couple of months. “I do not believe that Bjarne wanted to treat me poorly. He was forced to act as he had done. I know and understand that he has the well-being of the whole team to think off,” Basso comments. Basso admits that right after the suspension from the Tour de France, he felt very unfairly treated. “I feel that at the very least we (the riders accused) should have had the chance to let our lawyers review the case, before a decision of such significance for a rider be taken.”

Ivan Basso confirmed that he is still looking for a team, although he noted that if he were only interested in money, he would already have signed a contract. However, he is delaying the decision while studying the circumstances of the various teams he is considering.

Giovanni Lombardi, Basso’s teammate at Team CSC who is retiring after this season, has confirmed that he intends to start working as an rider agent in the future. Among the riders that he is likely to be representing are, in addition to Ivan Basso, also Franck and Andy Schleck.