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Welcome to my history pages. This wiki is a descendant of a series of history articles that I wrote in 1997. Today, it holds a small collection of my historical scribblings and those of a few others, mostly related to the Hellenistic and Roman world. This site was originally hosted on Fenrir.dk, but as that site no longer serves its original purpose, I have moved it here which will probably be its final location. Enjoy the site.

Historical Timeline 300 BCE - 1 CE

A short timeline of the major events of the Hellenistic and Roman World from 300 BCE to the year 1 CE.

Main Articles

Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus (236 - 184 BCE)

The greatest Roman General, and perhaps the greatest general of the ancient world. During the Second Punic Wars, he led the Roman armies to success, first in Spain and later against the great punic general Hannibal. The most famous person of his age of whom it was said that "one man alone was the prop of the Roman Empire", he was instrumental in shaping the policies that made Rome the unchallenged mistress of the Mediterranean.

Gaius Julius Caesar (100 - 44 BCE)

The most famous Roman general and statesman, conqueror of Gaul (58 - 50 BCE) who brought about the effective end of the Republic. After building up an army in Gaul, Caesar marched against the Senate in 49 BCE, and defeated his rival Gnaeus Pompeus Magnus at the battle of Pharsalus. As dictator of Rome, he launched a series of political and social reforms before he was assasinated by a group of nobles in the Senate House on the Ides of March.

Zama: The Infantry Battle Revisited

by Steven James

This hypothesis is an attempt to look beyond the accepted or traditional Polybian(1) interpretation of the Battle of Zama in regard to the events of the Roman and Carthaginian heavy infantry. In doing so the evidence presented will hopefully demonstrate that Hannibal had lost none of his military genius. This article does not cover the cavalry or elephant battles but focuses solely on the heavy infantry.

All Biographical Articles

Hellenistic and Roman Bibliography

This web database provides a bibliography of books and articles on Hellenistic and Roman history. The intent is to provide a good starting point for wargamers, students, and others looking for literature on the history of this period.

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